Outsourcing Drug Discovery in China™

And your program’s successful management of such a program:
technical, legal, and operational issues

Despite mounting pressure from stockholders to discover the next blockbuster
drug, R&D budgets are being reduced. Outsourcing drug discovery provides
one solution, and China is an ideal partner for this.
Among the benefits to outsourcing drug discovery in China:

  • Instant market access to a growing local market;
  • Lower operational costs;
  • Access to new technology and its educated workforce,
  • The Chinese government’s financial commitment to the healthcare industry.

For these reasons, now is an ideal time to partner with the Chinese contract research organizations (CROs) to
enable future success. It’s already being recognized. In November 2010, Frost & Sullivan reported that drug
discovery outsourcing market in China had reached $315m in 2009. That market is expected to grow until 2016
at a compound annual growth rate of 23% from 2009 to 2016.

The challenges to such outsourcing are numerous though. They can vary from simple business management and communication issues, to quality management and protecting your ideas. How can you solve them?
The answers are at the OUTSOURCING DRUG DISCOVERY IN CHINA conference,
a one-day conference offering latest insights into the most effective techniques
to managing an outsourced drug discovery program in China.

Here you’ll find hundreds of innovative clinical partners and sponsors who are working
on China projects, and have the opportunities to source complete integrated services.

Join us today and walk away with partners for your next projects.

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